President’s Message


Admittedly, in an instant, you can reach London, South Africa, Madagascar or even the Czech Republic. That is how fast social media is evolving and how thrilling the features are proving to be.

A few questions you can ask yourself before jumping into this digital social sphere:

• Online goals: Network, Communicate, Market, Voice my opinions or Build my brand image online?

• Target audience(s): Who and where are they, How essential are they in helping me achieve my online goal(s), Must I choose my online market segments?

• Time: How much time do I have online? Is it worth planning my time management on social media?

What I find fascinating about social media is the fact that it’s an affordable and influential viral marketing tool of the digital age. BUT you have gotta control how you use it-be careful and smart. Therefore, before you jump into that flaming online chat, start by reading, watching and listening. Proceed with gathering substantial information, analyse and voice on it wisely. The former would guide you in successfully driving your goal. Finally, you can kick off your plan!

You could commence with using one social media platform. Use it to examine your competition, listen to your target audience . Find out their needs , how to meet their demands, and increase your followers? Then, by all means– jump into the bandwagon, join the fray and ENJOY being one in cyber!

What about social media etiquette? Online manners can help avoid gaffes and build business success on social media. Professional demeanour creates good impression while it determines the sort of social media guru you are. From the boardroom to social media networks, the same etiquettes rules apply. Remember you are leading and maintaining a crowd. Folks, in short…- it’s all about “branding”

Social media is Fun and Business, but more importantly as practitioners, do remember the principles of Media, Law and Ethics.

Thanks for visiting the Malaysia Social Media Chambers website.

Keep it going. Believe and Stay Connected..

Shahul Hameed Shaik Dawood
Founder & President, Malaysia Social Media Chambers

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